A few of us girls got together for a road trip from Singapore to Malaysia to visit a pottery and ceramics factory we had heard about. There were rumors of Spode seconds for a steal and other goodies.  We packed our lunches, took one last clean bathroom break and crossed the border with our Ringgit and a GPS.

Once we arrived at Claytan, at first glance, it wasn’t all that impressive but after about an hour and a half we all managed to bring home some treasures so it was definitely worth the trip. Plus it was fun so even if we came home empty handed we would have enjoyed our day.

There aren’t any pictures of me but just imagine a drippy, sweaty, red-faced female with her hair tightly pulled back and desperately needing a deodorant refresher. But I did have a smile on my face. I love finding new places, going on adventures and sharing them with friends.

If you click on the first image it should give you a larger image and arrows so you can scroll through them. Pretty cool!

Some info and tips if you’re planning to make the trip:

*You’ll need either small bills or a Touch ‘n Go card for the tolls.
*Take a zippered purse and one that can fit under your feet in your car.
*They only take cash so get some Ringgit before you go.
*At the time of this post you can bring back $366 Ringgit worth of goods without having to pay customs tax.
*There are no restaurants or bathrooms on the way. Pack a lunch and don’t drink too much liquid. You do not want to have to stop on the side of the road.
*Pack tissues and hand sanitizer. The bathroom does not have toilet paper.
*We left Singapore at 9:15am and got back around 2:00. That was the drive, going through immigration and about an hour and half of shopping/digging.
*Dress comfortably but modestly. You will be in an Islamic country.
*Call ahead to make sure they will be open. Go on a weekday if you can. Friday/Saturday/Sunday would be busier and you’ll get caught in more traffic.Here are the directions . . . . it is seriously in the middle of nowhere, a tin roofed tent on the left.
Take PIE towards TUAS
go through Tuas checkpoint
Take E3 to E2 (follow signs towards KL/Meleka) – make sure you follow the sign to KL/Meleka, not Johor
Exit 245 (Machap); take right at exit
Drive approx 5 miles (highway will be on right)
Pottery Place will be on left, past “Tropical Village”

57th Mile, Jalan Johor,
86100 Ayer Hitam, Kluang,
Johor, Malaysia.
10:00am- 6:00pm

There’s a similar place in Singapore, Pottery Jungle. It’s a little more upscale, organized but also a little more expensive. You won’t find Spode here, though. Definitely worth going to!