… inevitable.

Whether we like it or not, change happens.

We grow up, our metabolism slows down, our hair begins to grey, our arms aren’t long enough to read a menu, we start checking nutrional labels for fiber content (no! I’m not there yet!!), our kids grow up, move out and start living their own life, trees change color (not if you live in Singapore, though), relationships evolve, some grow deeper, some end, some begin.

… good

Someone once said that without change we are like a stagnant pond and a stagnant pond stinks. We must embrace the inevitable course of  change even when it hurts. But even in the painful parts of change, if we look hard enough, we can always find hope, peace and grace. That is, if we look at our change through God’s plan and not our own.

I’m not really sure where this post is headed but it’s what is going on in my brain right now. I’ve always been a fan of change in most areas. I love changing my furniture around and it really bothers me when the placement of our walls just won’t let that happen. I can’t change where the walls are. Well, maybe I could but that would be a little extreme. I sort of crave change but I sort of dread it at times too. I have a pretty positive history when it comes to change, though. Most of the changes I’ve experience have turned out fairly well. Even through the hard ones, I’m able to see God’s hand and know that it is always better when He is in control.

I will be leaving Texas soon to head back to Singapore. Once again, I will be leaving my family and friends while some of them are going through some pretty difficult changes of their own. Nevertheless, it is time. I’ve decided, for now anyway, that Singapore is not where my home is but it is where my life is. Texas is most definitely home but it’s not where my life is at the moment.

Next Tuesday morning, Texas time, I will leave my oldest daughter again as she begins her 2nd year of college. I hate leaving her but that is a change that has proven to be good if we can see it through God’s eyes.

Our son is starting his last year of high school. I am already thinking about making his senior video that has become a family tradition and thinking through how and when we will move him back to Texas next summer. We will then have two kids out of the house and WAY out of the house since we’ll still be in Singapore. 

I will begin homeschooling Anna this year and we are committed to that for at least two years. That is one huge change that will affect almost all aspects of my life. More focus, more than usual anyway, will be on teaching her and caring for my family, which is exactly what is needed now. I had the last year to focus on myself , sort of figure out again who I was after being so overworked for the previous several years and now it’s time for change.

Change is exciting. Change is painful. Change is refreshing. Change is draining. But…

Change is invetible. And change is good.

I honestly think that it’s all about perspective and what or more importantly, Who we put our hope in. I need to be reminded of this almost daily.

Change changes us. Pretty profound, huh??? I don’t want to be a stagnant pond. They stink.