We have wanted to go to this place for months now and either keep forgetting about it or don’t have the time. They are only open to the public on Saturday’s from 10am -12noon so you really have to plan ahead.

From what I understand, Ben Foods sells to area grocery stores and the “leftovers” are made available to the public on Saturdays to clear out for next week’s shipment. Cheap meat (still frozen), cheap wine, some produce, dried goods, household goods, etc. It’s hit or miss what they might have on any given week so we’ll just see it as a fun surprise to see what we end up finding.

I bought a huge salmon filet, some snack crackers for $1 less than in the regular stores, dish soap, pasta sauce, olive oil for half the price that I’ve been paying, some really good apples and oranges, and a few other odds and ends. It was worth the trip!

It was SUPER crowded, though!! I wouldn’t recommend taking small children. It’s just so crowded. Everyone was friendly, though and the check out staff were very patient. It’s in a warehouse building and the check out lines form on the loading dock with no railing. Once we’re a little more familiar with what they have we’ll go and scope it all out and then one of us will stand in the line while the other shops and bring items back.:) That’s what the veterans were doing.

A friend was actually there at the same time we were and we didn’t even see each other! Here’s her post. It was her first visit too.

Current ad from their website:

**Chinese New Year Sale – 30/1/2010 Sat** (That’s today so go throw your clothes on and get over there!)

*Announcement - Our staff shop will be closed on Feb 13 and 20.  We will open on 27/2